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Epic Blue

Taste & Other Notes

Fortunately, Luke and the team at Epic continue to blaze a path through the industry.  Proudly 100% NZ (and family) owned, Epic have been flying the craft flag in New Zealand since the early days, and never cease to impress.  I have been unlucky to try a number of ‘Low Carb’ beers over the years, and the majority of them have been humourless, sallow, slightly sad creatures – if they were a band they would be Nickelback.

Enter Epic, who have just released ‘Epic Blue’. With 70% less carbs and a healthy 4.8% ABV, this drop is anything but sad or humourless. Bright, effervescent , typically Pale Ale characters and eminently drinkable, it is a frankly brilliant entry to the market – a market surely set to grow as more and more people, like myself, realise that either their feet are retracting or their belly is growing … An excellent beer, even if it were a ‘standard’ drop. Well worth hunting out. 4.5*