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Lighthouse Brewery

I first met Dick Tout from Lighthouse Brewery in the late 1970s when he owned RE Tout & Son, a service station on Collingwood St where the 132 Medical Centre is now. During the time he owned the service station he also bought a couple of properties that had been part of the original block […]

The Baker’s Coffee Shop

As published in the Nelson Mail – 03.03.15 One of the things I love about Nelson is the diversity brought to the region by immigrants, they don’t just add numbers to the population, but they bring their culture with them too. We have a large number of ethnic restaurants in Nelson that all make delicious […]

Lighthouse Brewery

I first met Dick Tout from Lighthouse Brewery in the late 1970s…

The Baker's Coffee Shop

As published in the Nelson Mail - 03.03.15 One of the things…


Under the Hood BBQ Sauce

Early last year I wrote about Dave King who started Under the…


The Nelson Farmers Market is alive and well in its new location…

ViaVio Cheese

Flavio Donati and Flavia Spena set up ViaVio Cheese at the end…

Little Dove Café

In recent weeks we have been talking a lot about supporting local…

Foxy Boxy - the ultimate gift boxes

there are lots of local options, be it wine or gourmet treats to enjoy over a few days I think a food and beverage gift is a lot better than a trinket that will never be used.


Red16 is a little haven in New Street, originally set up as Japanese style sushi restaurant, Sachi Sushi was designed as a calm relaxing space to enjoy beautiful seafood sashimi and sushi. When the owners sold it became Rhythm & Brown, a cool little cocktail lounge and now that it’s Red 16 the relaxed ambiance of the Japanese restaurant is still front and centre. They serve a range of craft beers, real ales, local & international wines and cocktails with delicious tacos and


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