Nick Widley Co Owner of Cod & Lobster Brasserie and Kismet Whisky & Cocktail Bar has had a colorful career in the hospitality industry over the past 15 years. Originally training as a chef in the UK, then ventured beyond the kitchen where he found his place behind the bar cultivating a passion for classic cocktails and a strong desire to learn everything he could about the world of liquor.

Nick travelled to the other side of the pond to work and travel when fate had its way and he met his wife to be Kymberly. Together the combined their passion for great food and boundary pushing drinks, opened Cod & Lobster Brasserie in 2015. Since then Nick has competed in a variety of cocktail competitions including the Glenfarclas Cocktail Competition in 2018 of which he won and took out the ambassadorship of the brand. Another highlight of 2018 was opening the doors to Cod & Lobsters sister bar Kismet. With long distance goals of conquering more of the spirit world, Nick is not nearly ready to rest yet. (His liver is not yet pickled)