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Rhubarb Sour

A relatively east but delicious cocktail with a great explanation of how to recreate it at home.


45ml Rhubarb sour (Warner Edwards Victorian Rhubarb is a very good choice)

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup (1:1 Sugar : water)

20ml Egg whites


In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients with one large ice cube. Shake hard until you can hear that the ice has melted.

Using one ice cube will give us the perfect dilution and chill factor for the drink. As we shake the drink, the ice is beating the egg together with the other ingredients, this emulsification provides great mouthfeel, creating a citrus cloud of happiness.

Strain the mix from the shaker to a short glass filled with ice. If you can pass through a tea strainer, it will help keep a silky finish to the head of the cocktail.

Garnish with dried rose petals and lemon peel if available.

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