Intensely aromatic, bursting with gooseberry aromas

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Blackenbrook Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Taste & Other Notes

This Blackenbrook Sauvignon Blanc carries the label’s trademark purity of flavour, it’s simply packed with bright, clean fruit flavours wrapped around a beautiful ripe-acid backbone. The streak of acidity that runs through the palate is crisp and juicy.

It’s the wonderful ripe acidity that helps focus attention on the delicious fruit characters. The wine sat on gross lees for several months after being harvested and processed before being racked in June and bottled in July 2020. This time on lees has added a soft textural component to the wine.

Beautiful clean fruit = beautiful clean flavours and purity of varietal flavour. This Sauvignon Blanc is simply delightful – a bright, crisp, dry wine simply bursting with tropical fruit aromas and flavours that is juicy in the very long finish.

Winemaker Daniel Schwarzenbach says “80% of winemaking was in the vineyard, we didn’t do anything in the winery to manipulate the flavours or textures, we just needed a good ferment to turn great, clean fruit into nice wine using a gentle process so we didn’t lose the flavours”

The wine is also Vegan Certified