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2020 Halliday Australian Cabernet Challenge Collaboration

The fifth Halliday Australian Cabernet Challenge will take place in September 2020.

Thanks to recent restrictions the Cabernet Challenge broadens its footprint and leverages the judging talent across three States with collaboration between Margaret River Wine Association, Coonawarra Vignerons and Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association.

The competition will be judged simultaneously on 7th and 8th September with the trophy presentation streamed online from: Coonawarra, Margaret River and the Yarra Valley.

James Halliday enthusiastically supports the change saying ‘As Australian cabernet styles continue to evolve and increasingly reflect their sense of place, it is appropriate that the Cabernet Challenge be simultaneously judged in three regions across the country. I look forward to being part of this ‘Covid-busting’ innovation’.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most widely planted vine and Australia’s third most planted variety and is one of Australian wine’s great success stories.

The Halliday Australian Cabernet Challenge respects this history whilst celebrating the producers of Cabernet Sauvignon, who are striving to make the best possible wines that reflect a sense of place.

Whether that is the complex and aromatic wines from the Yarra Valley, the elegant and balanced wines from the Coonawarra terra rossa soil, the rich and decadent signature style from Margaret River or the powerful and luscious expressions from McLaren Vale, the Challenge provides an opportunity for a Cabernet Sauvignon varietal competition of great interest.

Entries will open 1 July see

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