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Roasted Beets

At the restaurant we serve this roast beets recipe with a roast duck breast dish but it’s just as good with venison or beef. It’s a versatile way to use beets in season and another dish that’s included in our basic recipes.


4 baby golden beets

4 baby chioggia beets

4 baby red beets

Olive oil

Rock salt


White balsamic

Icing sugar

Sea salt & pepper


  1. Separately roast the different coloured beets; seasoned, drizzled with olive oil then wrap in tin foil, on a bed of rock salt until tender. (About 40 to 50 minutes.)
  2. Once cooked and still warm, squeeze off the skins, then cut each in half.
  3. Season the beets with salt and pepper then marinate each separately with icing sugar and olive oil, using white balsamic for the golden and chioggia beets, and vincotto for the red beets.
  4. Rewarm in the oven for service
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