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A New Take On Worcestershire Sauce – Stabler & Steel

After finding local supermarket Worcestershire sauce not what it used to be, Tracey Steel decided to make her own. After about 15 years of sharing her sauce with friends and family, Tracey finally gave in to pressure and has launched it as a retail product.

Says Tracey, “Black is a home-crafted sauce that came about years ago when my mother-in-law and I noticed a distinct change in flavour of our then favourite Worcestershire sauce. Over time, and after many taste tests from family and friends, I arrived at the final recipe, and Black was born.”

Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, made only from NZ ingredients, Stabler & Steel’s Black is a 21st-century version of Worcestershire sauce. It is made with malt vinegar, treacle, spices, garlic, ginger. The golden brown sauce has aromas of spice, vinegar and golden syrup. And on the palate – it’s a party in your mouth: an initial hit of sweetness, then chilli, spice, vinegar and ginger. Intense and fantastic.

Says Tracey, “ Black is savoury sweet, a little punchy and very versatile.  It goes well with all meats and fish, eggs and particularly lovely in a Bloody Mary.  You are limited only by your imagination in terms of what you can put it with.”

Available through Tracey’s new website at $12.50 a 250ml bottle

Some Tips from Tracey

If you like chilli con carne, schlep some in there. Beautiful on salmon, perfect in tomatoes.

It really can be used in most anything. My kids POUR it in bacon and eggs, and sausages.

Remember to give it a wee shake first, mind the pourer and keep it in the pantry.


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